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Young and eager Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) is appointed by Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) on a covert mission in infiltrating active white supremacist groups to locate some illegally obtained Caesium-137. Possessing an empathetic nature, the FBI agent gains the members’ trust and bonds with Gerry Conway (Sam Trammell), a presumably moderate member in the cult. As they spend more time together, he is torn between his friendship with Conway and duty to the bureau.

Hate to say it but not everything is rainbows and unicorns. If you think that seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses will somehow prevent the vile acts humans inflict on each other, be ready for a rude awakening to reality. Physical violence scars the human body but a verbal assault damages the psyche and spirit that breaks even the strongest of minds.

We keep telling ourselves that it gets better over time. It really does not. Racial and gender discrimination are still at large. We would like to believe that the progress being made by the select few are representing the larger issue but the facts are anything but significant. Politics, hardly at its finest hours are either flubbed by corrupt politicians or are impeded by glacial decision making.

‘Imperium’ validates what is suppurating underneath a guise of tolerance and acceptance. White supremacy fashions an audacious uprising and it ain’t pretty. The young are ‘educated’ early on and we are alerted to the alarming numbers of various factions through Foster’s undercover work. The quick movement from one group to another intensifies the pacing without losing the details of their modus operandi.

Advancing the events from succumbing to mediocrity is Radcliffe, once questioned about his legitimacy as an actor has unquestionably perfected his magnum opus. Collette is ballsy and nurturing while Trammell’s everyman charms effectively strings us along to a malign end which only augments enmity is borne out even with the noblest of intentions.

Entirety: B+
Acting: A
Plot: B+

Rated R for language throughout